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Our innovative dispatch software systems for the courier and general transport industries are listed below. If you have any questions at all about your transport management software requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

TPLUS™ (Transporter Plus)

TPLUS™ (Transporter Plus)

TPLUS™ is a Windows Based Transport Solution that works in conjunction with an Oracle DATABASE, is fully integrated with the Web and can be modified to suit any future needs. It provides the advantage of Microsoft Windows GUI features and utilises the stability/robustness of UNIX and Oracle combined in one superior Transportation Management Software System. More information


TPLUS™ Mobile

TPLUS™ MOBILE, our Windows based wireless PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) software was built for the Courier Industry and any mission critical service-based industry where service times require real time data transmission. We manage our own data packets by using UDP transport protocol rather than the sometimes unpredictable TCP/IP. More information

Multi-Map Despatch Software

TPLUS™ Multi-Map Despatch

Better Faster Cheaper Deliveries with Integrated Despatch & Satellite tracking. With integrated maps, multi-screens, colour-coded drop-down lists and much more, managing dispatch just became simpler, far quicker and much less stressful. As you click on work areas, drivers, and other facilities the multi-maps give you different visual representations of your work which allows for a much quicker and informed allocation. This NEW, integrated satellite tracking software delivers the most up-to-date features, advantages and benefits.
More information

Hosted Transport Software Solution

TPLUS™ Hosted Solution

If you want to take advantage of the complete TPLUS™ system including Sign on Glass, Web Booking/Track & Trace facilities, email and more, but don't want or can't afford the initial outlay to purchase hardware and software why not come on board with our hosted solution? The Hosted Solution is ideal for: smaller mobile workforce businesses; companies who wish to experience the system before deciding to purchase, or; clients who don't want to manage servers on their premises. More information

Centralized Billing

This package couples a B2B system between various linked branches with a central billing facility specifically for large clients who require one invoice from multiple offices. Centralised billing saves time and reduces costs.


AAS - Auto Allocation Software

Designed to complement the TPLUS™ Windows Dispatch System, Auto Allocation Software enables the computer to allocate the jobs. This automation allows you to expand your business without the need to add more staff and thus control your costs. Expand your business but not your staff level


MDS - Mobile Data Systems

MDS integrates TPLUS™ Despatch with any Data capability including In-Car Data Screens, Pagers, SMS/Mobile Phones and GPRS Devices, Keyboards or Signature capture devices, and barcode scanning. All the data from these devices is fully integrated with the WEB. MDS provides lots of benefits fully integrated with the Web


DMS - Oracle Database Management Systems

Oracle Systems provide higher concurrency, better database recovery, integrated web development, higher performance and security. You can have any aspects of ORACLE software integrated into our products and offerings. Oracle is the world's most reliable database system.

RWS - Report Writer Software

RWS - Report Writer Software

InfoMaker Report Writer enables you to generate your own reports. You also have the option to use your own report writer.

AEM - Automated E-mail

You can have any document from our courier software emailed automatically to the intended recipients. For example, Client Statements, Client XL files, Proof Of Delivery Documents, Job Analysis Reports, etc.


IFB - Interstate Freight Bookings

Interstate Freight Bookings systems and interfaces to On-forwarders eg, Riteway. Barcodes & Web Labels.
You can set up your system to operate as a freight forwarder with seamless interfaces to your preferred companies, eg, Toll, AAE, etc. You have the option
  1. to let your customer know which forwarder you are using
  2. not to show forwarder details

You can change forwarders on the fly as conditions or circumstances determine via a rules based configuration, and you can operate as a freight forwarder.



  • Web Bookings & Track & Trace
  • Web Labels
  • Web Maps
  • Web KPI's
  • Web Online Bank Payments
  • Web Customer Portal
  • Web Interstate Freight Bookings
  • Web Manifests


TPLUS™ B2B Offerings

Many of our clients have relationships with their customers where they want to couple their computer systems to each other for bookings and track & trace. We have therefore developed many facilities, such as those mentioned below, to cater for these needs. The FTP B2B bookings have proven very popular and requests for the XML Socket Style are increasing. This essentially allows related sites to share work.

  • B2B Bookings via FTP , Xml/Socket, Email (Uses CSV attached files)
  • B2B Central Billing systems for National Sites
  • B2B Booking/Track & Trace offload, for related sites

>>>> Features and Capabilities

SMS & Email solutions

Email/SMS Capabilities

  • Email Invoices includes attached CSV & PDF documents
  • Email Drivers' Pays
  • Email TPLUS™ Reports
  • Events such as Booking, Allocation, Pickup and Delivery/POD can be either emailed or sent via SMS

Email Bookings

Email is highly utilised throughout the TPLUS™ system and has been adapted to suit many specific purposes for clients' needs.

PDA Software

Mobile Solutions

TPLUS™ MOBILE (Handheld PDA GPRS mobile solution, sign on Glass etc) Mobile Maps, GPS facilities.

Dynamic Jobs Capability
Drivers can create jobs in their PDA and this synchronises with the TPLUS™ despatch system. This means that for many jobs where the destinations are not known at the time of booking the delivery legs can be added dynamically to the initial job by the driver/device.

True Multi Leg Capability
KPI's which support the TPLUS™ Mobile data are available on the WEB.

All the job legs are viewable on the device exactly as displayed in TPLUS™ Despatch. Delivery Legs can be added by Driver

IFS Integration Invoicing

Highly configurable invoicing capability: With our advanced postscript configuration capabilities you can design and configure very sophisticated invoices. These are generated on the fly from our TPLUS™ system; they require very little resource to store and enhance your company's profile.

We can easily modify Invoicing specific to your individual customer's needs.

TPLUS™ (Transporter Plus) | TPLUS™Mobile | TPLUS™ Multi-Map Despatch | TPLUS™Hosted

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