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For more than 20 years the OSC team of qualified and experienced professionals has been successfully using the highest degree of service, research and innovation to develop transport management systems for our clients.

Software development Delivering software that helps clients achieve their goals, and working in a win/win environment to see clients' success shine through our products has given us great pleasure and satisfaction. We always aim to create friendly, helpful relationships with our customers so that we fully understand their needs, expectations, problems or issues.

A large number of our products Products & Services have resulted from working with clients to solve their problems and/or improve their business functionality.

This is the philosophy behind the success of our clients - many of whom are now some of the largest courier/transport companies in Australia and has been achieved by our team of qualified and experienced professionals using the highest degree of service, research and innovation .

How did it all come about?

In the late 1980s we were involved with the development and support of the original Carry product that had been designed for the light transport sector and targeted couriers, messengers, taxi truck companies etc.

In 1994 some forward-thinking Carry customers and our personnel agreed that we should take over their support and development. This enabled us to focus on ongoing improvements and innovation that achieved outstanding results. To ensure these benefits for all our clients we developed and in early 2000 launched TPLUS™ Complete Software for Transport Management, followed by TPLUS™ MOBILE, The Ideal Portable Digital Assistant for Courier & Delivery Personnel, and TPLUS™ BUREAU (Hosted Solution).

What has that meant for our clients?

  • By maximising the automation of processes TPLUS™ has simplified all delivery operations, reduced errors, improved driver contact and maintenance and ensured accurate and efficient handling of administration tasks.
  • The system's exceptional reliability and proven track record thus delivers significant cost and time savings.
  • TPLUS™ easily handles extra business and allows clients to add in-built functionality as and when desired.

To see what clients say about TPLUS™, please click here for Client Success Stories.

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Steve Green, Managing Director
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Promotional Material

The material in this section has been designed to make it easy to understand the benefits and attributes of our products, whether you are technically savvy or not. Check through, select, download and print the PDF documents you find most relevant and then create a portfolio to share with your peers when discussing the merits of the package.

TPLUS features and benefits are shown in greater or lesser detail depending on your requirements. For example, a driver may like a quick overview while IT or accounting staff may prefer a lot more detail. Simply follow the steps below in 'Downloads'.


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A proud Australian-made Transport & Supply Chain software solution to help you make this year a great year for your transport organisation.

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Your Complete Software Solution to Courier & Supply Chain Processes
No. 1

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Your Complete Software Solution to Courier & Supply Chain Processes
No. 2

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Keeping our Clients at the Cutting Edge with Tomorrow's Solutions Today.

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TPLUS™HOSTED SOLUTION Delivering Simplicity, Security & Savings for Couriers & Transport Companies.

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TPLUS MOBILE SOLUTION is the ideal Portable Digital Assistant for Courier & Delivery personnel.

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