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Open Systems Consulting has more than 20 years experience designing and analysing courier software & dispatch systems for the transport industry. Beginning with the development and support of the original Carry product in the late 1980s, Open Systems Consulting set the benchmark in the industry for innovative software solutions. Our ongoing research and development of software systems means that we are ahead of the field when it comes to delivering products with greater accuracy, speed, and cost savings.

We foster a policy of open communication and interaction with our clients because we believe it is the only way to be even better at what we do.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Giving You The Edge Over Your Competitors

The courier and transport industries are highly competitive; and to be successful in these industries, it is important to have the edge over your competitors. Efficiency is key to maintaining that competitive edge because it inspires client confidence in your service.

The TPLUS™ system is one system that automates all tasks associated with your business including bookings, costings, dispatch, track and trace, administration and accounting.

Logistics Software
Transport Software

Complete Transport Management System

This is ideally suited to the following companies:

TPLUS™ maximises the automation of processes, this system has simplified all delivery operations, reducing errors, improving driver contact and maintenance, as well as ensuring accuracy.

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Mobile Transport Software

Mobile Solution

The Personal Digital Assistant is the ultimate tool in efficiency, featuring:
  • Real time data communication via GPRS wireless
  • Accept new jobs
  • Record, track and trace
  • Sign on glass
  • GPS
  • Scan bar codes

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Map Despatch System

Multi-Map Despatch

Integrated despatch and satellite tracking.

Using multiple screens and maps makes allocation of jobs MUCH faster and more accurate. It was designed to solve a major need and problem plaguing most large transport and supply chain organisations: the ability to logistically allocate jobs with an integrated satellite tracking solution.

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Hosted Solution

The NEW EASY WAY to access the cost and time saving benefits of TPLUS™!

This is the ideal solution if you have a small business and donít want your own in-house server, or if you donít want to maintain networks with all the associated costs. We specifically designed HOSTED to give you the freedom to concentrate on your business while we manage the deliveries for you. All you need is a computer and Internet connection. NO INSTALLATION required, and you can be set up and ready to go in a couple of weeks - you ONLY PAY PER DELIVERY!!

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proven results

Proven Results

At Open Systems Consulting your success is our success. Over the years we have had the privilege of watching fledgling companies blossom into highly competitive enterprises in large part because of our innovative and imaginative software. This gave companies like Capital Transport, All Purpose Transport, Kings Transport, Flash Couriers, Reliance Petroleum and Swift Transport an edge that enabled them to pick up and retain new customers that include not only major companies like Fairfax, Telstra, Ikea, Target, Castrol, but many more. Nothing speaks louder than results!

By maximising the automation of processes TPLUS™ has simplified all delivery operations, reduced errors, improved driver contact and maintenance and ensured accurate and efficient handling of administration tasks. The systemís exceptional reliability and proven track record thus delivers significant cost and time savings. It easily handles extra business and allows clients to add in-built functionality as and when desired. Read more about clients who have gained a substantial market share using our products and services in our success stories and testimonials.

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