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TPLUS™ Complete Transport Management System

If you've ever wanted a new feature for your transport system, check out TPLUS™ - you're sure to discover it's already included!!


The TPLUS™ Transport Management Software System was designed to provide BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER deliveries for companies in the courier, messenger, expediting and distribution industries.

By maximising the automation of processes, the system has simplified all delivery operations, reduced errors, improved driver contact and maintenance and ensured accurate and efficient handling of administration tasks. Our transportation logistics software's exceptional reliability and proven track record thus delivers significant cost and time savings which has enabled our clients to maintain a competitive edge and continual business growth. TPLUS™ easily handles extra business and allows clients to add in-built functionality as and when desired.

Major Benefits

The following brief descriptions of TPLUS™ major benefits show how greater efficiencies and time and cost savings are achieved.

Minimal Training
TPLUS™ assists real time booking and tracking and automates all processes but it is also simple, intuitive and quick and easy to operate.

Time Savings
Your customers/computers do the work - not your staff. Hot keys access all options and facilities and related information is grouped in one window.

Low Ownership Cost
The system has been developed and refined over 18 years so what you want is already available and proven.

Streamlined Operation Generates Cost Savings
Integrated functionality means no more manual complexities and use of email cuts paper requirements.

The graphical user/friendly booking screen allows a simple booking request to be captured in less than 12 key strokes. Bookings can be entered by IVR Telephone direct, SML B2B direct, FTP direct, Web Browser and the TPLUS™ booking screen. Permanent bookings can be recorded with a number of combinations (day of week/time of day, pre-allocated driver, normal or special price etc) and pricing schedules calculate price by a simple or complex pricing formula.

In-built modules handle all details relating to drivers (pay, allowances & deductions, license, insurance etc), clients (billing & despatch, discounts, surcharges, commissions etc) suburb etc.

Financial & Reporting
A complete debtor system and large number of reports makes administration efficient and accurate.

Additional Modules
Other available modules include the Web Booker System, Mobile Data Systems, Report Writer Software, Automated Email and an Advanced Graphical Interface.

Some Key Features & Technologies:

  • User-friendly Windows interface
  • Built on UNIX and Oracle - world's most reliable and respected systems
  • Flexibility of Integration/customisation
  • Interface to wide range of operating systems - Windows 95/98/2000/Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Linux, SCO Unix
  • Backward (Web clients) and Forward (Mobile Data) integrated
  • Up-to-date complete functionality of transportation needs

TPLUS™ can be deployed on/with:

  • Windows 95/98/2000/Win XP/VISTA/ Win 7, Linux, SCO UNIX
  • Printers: Laser, Inkjet, Receipt & Label Printers
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • Networks: GPRS, HSDPA, GSM, WLAN, CDMA

Screen Capture

To see more detail, please click on the screen capture below:

Main screen

For a detailed description of TPLUS™ features simply click on this link to download the pdf brochure. To discuss how TPLUS™ can improve your business please contact the OSC office.

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