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Creating real-time communication and facilitating field-oriented back-to-base tasks with TPLUS™ MOBILE is a BREEZE.


TPLUS™ MOBILE connects the driver and driver functions with the head office server using UDP over the unwired/GPRS connection and TCP between applications on wired connections. Thus creating real-time communication and facilitating field-oriented back-to-base tasks. Jobs can be on the device within 2-3 seconds from vehicle assignment. Drivers can accept new jobs, record track and trace, read barcodes and record signatures on glass, etc.

Major benefits include time, labour and paper savings, there is no distance limit (GPRS); customers can quickly and easily check their order/delivery status via the web; head office can easily determine drivers' whereabouts via GPS.

Clients like TPLUS™MOBILE and are winning new business because their customers want the service of signature on glass. Drivers like being free of run sheets and having immediate access to head office.

TPLUS™MOBILE is not limited to TPLUS™ or the transport industry, but can easily be adapted to suit a whole range of industries; and is particularly suitable for sales representatives. It can be interfaced to other software packages and provides open-ended scalability to a large number of remotely connected devices concurrently .

The following brief overview will assist your understanding of some of the time-saving features.

Receiving a new job
Driver starts work and Logs On; Dispatcher allocates job to a driver; Driver is alerted to a job by alert sounds on the device and the status on the front screen of his device.

Picking up a job
Once the driver arrives at the pickup point he can tap on Pickup > Selected to indicate to the back-end that this delivery has been picked up. The job will now appear in the Cmplts (Completes) tab.

Completing a job
Once the driver arrives at the delivery destination and the customer signs for it the job is completed.

Screen Captures

To see more detail, please click on the images below:

Pickup job screen Pickup job screen 2 Sign on glass

For a detailed description of TPLUS™MOBILE features, or to discuss how TPLUS™MOBILE can improve your business please contact the OSC office.

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