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This new, advanced and integrated MULTI-MAP DESPATCH Satellite Tracking software solution features an integrated despatch-satellite tracking solution with 2 or more screens and maps provides the following astounding new features & benefits:

  • Most impressive two or more visually rich screens displaying three maps; an unallocated jobs locator map; an allocated jobs locator map inclusive of driversí trails, and a third map displaying all driversí positions. Colourful balloons give you instant visual images of where the drivers are in connection with their pick-ups, deliveries and signatures.
  • Drivers within a number of kilometres can be overlayed over work
  • Striking visual street views are available for effective aid of day-to-day transport operations jobs
  • All jobs have Google Maps balloons upon click and will display signatures and job event data
  • MULTI-MAP DESPATCH Satellite Tracking can work over the WEB so you can be remote to the server and run the despatch software solution
  • Easy to learn and easy to manage
  • Flexible colour coding and tree views
  • Freedom to define your own driversí lists and switch between them with a click
  • High level of convenience. Driversí GPS reports can be generated to show proof of drivers' locations across a data range
  • Professionally organised all despatch events are stored and reports can be generated to poor or inefficient despatch usage
  • Jobs notes are easily accessible
  • Variable fonts are available
  • Driver Replays trails are available
  • Traffic Congestion Overlays can be used

MULTI-MAP DESPATCH Satellite Tracking is a complete transformation for the Australian transport and supply chain industry. It was designed to satisfy a major need: the ability to logistically allocate jobs with an integrated satellite tracking solution.

MULTI-MAP DESPATCH Satellite Tracking delivers far greater benefits. In addition to allocating jobs, the new solution offers drag and drop capabilities, ease of use, flexibility to sort jobs into any sequence such as service, client code, driver number, time from and to suburbs and/or zones etc. All easily achieved with a minimum of training and a rapid and efficient deployment.

With the tools to improve and enhance their daily allocation of jobs it is a simple matter for Despatch Operators to rapidly locate each driverís position, trace their driving trails and track their past and future deliveries.

A productivity aid to facilitate efficiency in daily operational tasks MULTI-MAP DESPATCH Satellite Tracking is significantly more enjoyable and easier to use. The top of the line capabilities offer Major Key Benefits to the Chief Operations Officer of any transport or supply chain organisation, who via two or more large integrated screens can now view the courier and transport street action direct. By viewing in real time up-to-date, precise and live details of the company's metropolitan and national transport operations he/she can make the very best tactical and strategic transport operational decisions.

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