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Better, Faster, Cheaper Deliveries using TPLUS™HOSTED Software

If you want to take advantage of the complete TPLUS™ system including Sign on Glass, Web Booking/Track & Trace facilities, email and more, but don't want or can't afford the initial outlay to purchase hardware and software why not come on board with TPLUS™HOSTED?

It's simple! All you need is a fast ADSL Internet Connection. The complete software runs from our office; you have access to all the benefits of TPLUS and, depending on your requirements you could be up and running within two weeks. Also, we only charge on a 'per transaction' basis!

TPLUS™HOSTED is ideal for:

  • smaller mobile workforce businesses;
  • companies who wish to experience the system before deciding to purchase, or;
  • clients who don't want to manage servers on their premises.

TPLUS™HOSTED provides you with your own private TPLUS™ system, it is totally dedicated to your business and there is no limit to how many of your staff can access its features. Details of the available products and their functionalities follow below.

If you'd like to discuss how TPLUS™HOSTED can improve your business and/or arrange a demonstration please contact the OSC office, or click here to download our TPLUS™HOSTED leaflet.

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