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How clients have used Open System Consulting transport software products to gain benefits and/or increase market share.


Castrol Since Castrol have been heavily utilising the B2B link they are retaining business and getting all their daily jobs directly into their systems.


B2B B2B provides a direct link between the computers of the courier/transport company and their customer which enables the customer to make bookings and Track & Trace their deliveries directly. There is no need for your customers to double key or waste time browsing web services or to contact courier/delivery company staff with their details. B2B removes the manual steps in key business processes and thus improves the process cycle time.

It also improves the quality and accuracy of business information because it eliminates manual and duplicate data entry steps. B2B not only generates time savings, greater accuracy and reduced costs but also creates the opportunity for transport companies to win business. Facilities include:

  • B2B bookings via FTP, Xml/Socket, Soap, Email (csv attached files)
  • B2B central billing systems for national sites
  • B2B Booking/Track & Trace offload for related sites


Target Target have specific needs for their web pages and we can make these totally configurable to their requirements. This is applied to many companies, an example being ANC, where Telstra Fulfilment Centre has taken advantage of ANC software and label software.


Qantas Qantas have implemented our baggage system Australia-wide through Capital Transport. This all-web-based application for Qantas to manage lost bags is extremely reliable, works 24 hours every day of the week and handles every aspect of managing lost bags and is integrated with the courier system.


Telstra For many years Telstra has been using our Web Booking/Tracking system Australia-wide through ANC. Telstra utilise many facilities of this system, including labelling, B2B bookings and track data, barcodes, and central billing.

All Purpose Transport

All Purpose Immediately after All Purpose Couriers installed PDAs and could offer the service of signature on glass they started winning business. Signature on glass is a facility regularly requested by customers and has therefore given All Purpose Couriers a competitive edge.

Flash Couriers

Flash Couriers Prior to purchasing TPLUS™ in 2006 Flash were booking between 5 and 10 jobs per day on their existing system. Within 4-5 months of running TPLUS™ and using WBF, bookings had increased to more than 200 per day. This is around 38% of the daily jobs, it equates to more than 1 booking operator and a potential on-going saving of more than $30,000 per annum. Since early 2009 Flash have been averaging 50% every day, the number of phone queries has reduced substantially and staff can devote extra time to more productive tasks.

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